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community activism through dance

SkyDancers …Women Who Fly Through The Air! A Feast and Festival of Aerial Dance in which over 12 artists and groups are drawn from the modern dance, aerial, and circus school communities, and work with equipment that includes trapezes, hoops, bungees, ropes of all kinds, and other apparatus. Often isolated due to rehearsal space constraints and equipment needs, this festival brought these diverse artists together to see each other’s work while providing a unique and exciting format for the audience.

SkinSongs: Women on the Drum, Dance Brigade presented women drummers representing to celebrate the growing number of women, especially in the Bay Area, redefining percussion traditions and drumming for art, spirituality and healing. This showcase of local talent inspired, delighted and invigorated the audiences for 3 shows. The weekend featured Carolyn Brandy & OJALÁ, Dance Brigade, Afia Walking Tree and Spirit Drumz, Ong Dance Company, Grrrl Brigade, Susu Pampanin, and Dawn Richardson.

Women Against War, One year after September 11, the Dance Brigade produced Women Against War: A Vision for Peace before a capacity audience at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco's Civic Center, on the very stage where the original United Nations Charter was signed. This event toured to sold-out audiences in the spring of 2003. Dance Brigade presented A Storm of Roses: Women Against War, both a protest against and acknowledgement of the 5th anniversary of the War on Iraq. An artistic, political and spiritual expression, the show brought musical artists Holly Near with Emma's Revolution, Ferron, Melanie DeMore and Mary Watkins together with dance companies Dance Brigade, Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers, Las Que Son Son, Al-Juthoor and Grrrl Brigade in a program that fused a social justice message with a feminist artistic aesthetic. Carole Migden, Barbara Lee, CODEPINK, Cindy Sheehan and the Grandmothers Against War will be honored from the stage for their outspoken stances against the war and their commitment to social justice.

Manifesti-val for Social Change, festival of Art created to address the very real issues that confront us. The Bay Area has been the hotbed for Revolutionary art and culture. We believe at this point that the artist voice is perhaps the voice with the most honesty and
passion as well as craft and method to make a difference.

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"Dance Brigade packed a wallop that had the audience shouting its approval throughout the evening. - The Atlanta Constitution